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Code of Conduct
National Center of Precision Farming, 
Unmanned Aerial Systems Special Interest Group 

The pilot, operator or the company they are working for must:

1.  Have Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission to conduct aerial work with a small unmanned aircraft under the operating limits set out in the Air Navigation Order (ANO).

2. Show the latest copy of the NCPF UAS SIG code of conduct and their CAA permission PfCO on request.

3. Be covered by appropriate third party UAS insurance.

4. Have passed a CAA (National Qualified Entities) NQEs and/or hold a CAA recognised competency qualification.

5. Only fly within the bounds of the flight area that they have obtained permission for from the CAA.

6. Comply with the requirements of the current UK Air Navigation Order, ensuring deconfliction with other air space users.

7. Have the landowner’s permission (preferably in writing) to carry out a site survey and risk assessment before commencing operations.

8. Have the landowner’s permission (preferably in writing) before using take-off and intended landing zones.

9. Follow the data protection code of practice as stipulated by, or be registered with, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) (www.ICO.ORG.uk).

10. 'Adhere to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Biosecurity Guidance to staff who visit farms'. The landowner, or appropriate contact, is responsible to inform the SUA operator of biosecurity measures they should follow to avoid the spread of a notifiable animal or plant disease. The pilot must report anything notifiable in their work area. 

11. Upon request provide evidence that the appropriate training and/or certification has been attained to work as a SUA operator within agriculture, by being listed on the BASIS UAS Register.

Version 7.1 (January 2019)


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