This new, risk based approach via a proforma document, has now been accepted by the Environment Agency and is to be rolled out throughout all BASIS stores over this season becoming a compliance issue in 2018.

The Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) is to be completed by the qualified NSK at all registered sites and will mean that the EA will no longer visit your site every 5 years to re-approve it.  Initial inspections and approvals for new or altered sites will continue to be done by the EA to establish site sensitivity, check pollution prevention measures and ensure all drainage and site plans are complete.

A current Emergency Contingency Plan will also be needed along with the ERA to ensure compliance.  These documents will not need to be sent to the EA but will be checked and held by BASIS.

Completion of the ERA will help identify whether the storekeeper needs further Environment Agency advice and guidance or a re-inspection and where action could be taken to reduce environmental risk. 

Please note, the Environment Agency may still choose to visit your store irrespective of the outcome of your risk assessment, if they think it necessary.

For more information please speak to your Assessor during your annual audit or contact the Logistics department