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RAMPS UK encourages best practice and compliance to industry standards to ensure the controlled use and supply of Metallic Phosphides.

The aim of the RAMPS UK is to ensure the sustainable use of metallic phosphide products in all market sectors through the training and registration of stockists and end-users. Find out more about events, courses, the RAMPS UK scheme and the benefits of joining below.

BASIS-RAMPS UK has been formed as a company limited by gurantee by the main importers of Metallic Phosphides in the UK along with distributors and other interested parties to deliver the following outputs: 

  • The establishment and continuation of RAMPS UK comprising of a committed cross industry group responsible for the development and delivery of the safe and controlled use and supply of phosphine
  • A communication strategy to promote the uptake and compliance to current and future requirements and help affected groups meet and adhere to external standards set under legislation
  • Development and implementation of a code of best practice for use of phosphine, including operator training and certification by assisting in the development of a recognised and certificated qualification based on the need to prove user competence
  • To ensure by means of independent audit that distributors are able to meet the requirements for storage and distribution of the product and that they ensure that the sale of the product goes to end users who hold an approved certificate in its use or to other stores who also meet the requirements of storage and distribution
  • Development of a register of approved suppliers and trainers to help guide users towards industry specialists with a commitment to best practice
  • To make information on legislative changes and compliance available to stockists and users of metallic phosphides
  • To provide information to emergency services in cases of accidental release or misuse of the products
  • Challenge changes in use and legislation on behalf of the (UK) industry to ensure the continued and sustainable use of the products.


Check List for RAMPS - Small Store Scheme

11 May 2015

This document is a check list for RAMPS - Small Store Scheme.


Application for Registration for BASIS Small Store Scheme

11 May 2015

This document is an application for registration on the BASIS Small Store Scheme.


RAMPS Application Form

11 May 2015

This is a RAMPS application form for companies that store metallic phosphides.


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