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Who is eligible for membership?

BASIS Approved Trainer / Training Provider membership is for individuals and organisations wishing to provide training for BASIS courses. Membership requires the nomination of an individual trainer because the skills and knowledge required to be a good trainer / training provider are personal to individuals and are therefore transferable, if a person changes location or job. In every case the nominated individual will be responsible for results of BASIS examinations organised or trained by them.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Listing of Approved Trainers / Training Providers on the new BASIS web site. Listing of Approved Trainers / Training Providers in BASIS literature and relevant syllabus booklets
  • Coverage of Approved Trainers / Training Providers events / courses in the BASIS Newsletters and in future on the website
  • Recommendation by BASIS staff of Approved Trainers / Training Providers in response to letters, e-mails and telephone enquiries from prospective candidates seeking training provision
  • Inclusion by BASIS in future plans with information on new courses, developments, amendments and occasional meetings / seminars etc
  • BASIS Approved Trainer / Training Provider certificate and ID card listing courses for which approval has been obtained
  • Access to a dedicated secure area of the BASIS website

How are BASIS Examiners selected?

There are various criteria which BASIS use in the selection of examiners and these are set out below. Each examiner has to demonstrate as below:

  • Relevant experience
  • Proven track record
  • Expertise in their subject
  • Attitude to support our industry
  • Helpful to young people
  • Friendly approach
  • Team player
  • Right locality
  •  (Professional Register)*
  • Balanced approach

It is important to note that each examination candidate will have completed a written (theory) exam paper prior to meeting up with the industry external expert examiner, for practical assessment. For some qualifications, the viva can be in the form of a panel and for others, an in-field viva, followed by a panel viva. For panel viva discussions, there will be a BASIS appointed chairperson, supported by one or two external examiners.

The candidates, the trainer and the chairperson have an opportunity to give feedback about the exam, the examiners, the panel, the chairman, the tutors, the admin, etc. This open approach leads to feelings of involvement from all concerned and to improvements in the exam process where they are identified.


BASIS Registration Ltd

St Monica's House, 39 Windmill Lane,
Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1EY
T: 01335 343945
F: 01335 301205
E: help@basis-reg.co.uk

BASIS is a registered charity (No. 1077006) and a
company limited by guarantee registered in England (No. 1365343)