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About BASIS Stores Inspection Scheme

Protecting people and the environment through ensuring every precaution is taken by pesticide stores and employees.

The BASIS Store Inspection Scheme employs the services of independent, trained assessors, who annually audit every BASIS registered store in the UK. Learn about the benefits of joining a Store Inspection Scheme below.

The BASIS Stores Inspection Scheme is an independently assessed annual inspection looking at legislation and best practice standards in professional pesticide stores.  The scheme looks at standards set out in the Defra Code of Practice for Suppliers of Pesticides to Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry and other relevant Codes of Practice.

The Scheme is available to all types and sizes of stores from large distributors, smaller town and country type outlets to specific product storage (Small stores scheme).  

The BACCS stores inspection scheme is available for Amenity Contractors who have a pesticide store and is tailored to ensure industry standards and regulations are met.
Further tailored schemes are available for specific industries, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

BASIS has a Logistics Committee who monitor the stores schemes and representatives from the Environment Agency, Chief Fire Officers Association, Health & Safety Executive (CRD), AIC, distributors and other interested parties work alongside BASIS to ensure the inspection schemes are robust and fit for purpose. 

The BASIS Auditor will visit your premises and we will work with you to ensure you are meeting the required standards.  A successful audit leads to annual certification which is seen as a way of demonstrating to HSE /CRD that reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure compliance with the regulations and best practice standards.


Stores Inspection Scheme Booklet

This document provides guidance on the BASIS Store Inspection Scheme.


Guidance note on COMAH and the BASIS Store Inspection Scheme

This document provides guidance on the interaction between COMAH and the BASIS Store Inspection Scheme.


Decontamination of Stores

this document is a guideline for the decontamination of pesticide stores prior to sale, change of use or return of the lease.


BASIS Scheme Details

This document provides detailed information about the BASIS Scheme.


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