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Amenity - FAQs

What is the BASIS Amenity Register?

BASIS is well practiced in the operation of CPD registers for professionals dealing with pesticides.

The BASIS Professional Register for agriculture and the PROMPT Register for pest control operators are both well established and serve the needs of individuals in those pesticide use sectors.

The BASIS Amenity Training Register has been designed solely for the Amenity pesticide sector.  It will operate from 1st January 2015 to cover people in the following job functions:

  • Amenity
  • Spray Operators
  • Pesticide Advisers
  • Contract Managers
  • Contract Supervisors
  • Contract Specifiers
  • Managers of Amenity pesticide activities
  • Local Authority Managers responsible for pesticides
  • Utility Managers
  • Network Rail Managers

What are the different types of membership?

BASIS Amenity Training Register – Adviser Member

People achieving Adviser membership of the BASIS Amenity Training Register will hold the BASIS Crop Protection Certificate/Field Sales and Technical Staff Certificate (FSTS). They will therefore be qualified to give advice on the use of professional pesticides in the Amenity sector. Any current members of the BASIS Amenity Register are able to transfer into this part of the BASIS Amenity Training Register.

BASIS Amenity Training Register – Sprayer Operator Member

People achieving the Sprayer Operator membership of the BASIS Amenity Training Register will hold a relevant PA qualification – PA1 and the PA qualification relevant to the type of sprayer being used e.g. PA2; Mounted or trailed sprayer, PA6; Hand held applicator.

BASIS Amenity Register - Associate

For managers/supervisors/contract specifiers who have Amenity pesticides as an important part of their job.  The qualification(s) for membership are:-

 - The BASIS Foundation Award (Amenity)
 - The BASIS/City & Guilds NPTC POWER Certificate  
 - The BASIS/City & Guilds NPTC Environmental Pesticide Management (Amenity) Certificate

These qualifications ensure awareness and understanding of how pesticides can be used safely and correctly in Amenity. They are not a qualification to give advice on the use of professional pesticides.  For that, individuals need the FSTS qualification.

BASIS Amenity Register – Affiliate

For those people who wish to be a member of BASIS Amenity Training Register but do not yet hold a relevant PA or BASIS qualification, this special category applies.

Each person will need to send a ‘Letter of Commitment’ with their application form to join the Register.  It will need to state that the applicant is committed to achieve either the PA, FSTS, Foundation Award, The Environmental Pesticide Management (Amenity) or POWER qualifications within two years of the date of application.  It will need to be signed by a senior manager or Director of the company the person works for (or if self-employed by the individual as the owner of the business).

If the person has not attained a relevant PA or BASIS qualification at the end of that two year period, then they will cease to be a member of the Register.

BASIS Amenity Training Register – Subscriber

For those who wish to join the Register to show their support and receive relevant information.

How much will it cost?

Please contact the BASIS Office for current fees.

Please note:  

We only accept payments by BACS transfer or by credit/debit card – an invoice will be sent upon receipt of the completed application form.


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