The major changes are to the grassland recommendations, which have been re-structured. In addition, an optional yield adjustment to the nitrogen recommendations for cereals has been introduced. However, there are many other detailed changes and it’s important to use the new edition right away.

The new Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) is in seven sections, all of which are available in several formats:
Free of charge at AHDB events
As an app for Apple or Android (coming soon) devices
As a navigable PDF 
Hard copies are available to order by emailing 

The main changes from the eighth edition (published in 2010) are as follows: 
Section one: Principles of nutrient management and fertiliser use
More concise information
The risk of sulphur deficiency has been highlighted
Guidance on building soil P & K Indices more rapidly
Increased emphasis on soil sampling
Guidance on when SMN sampling can be most useful
Section two: Organic materials
Includes instructional videos on sampling slurry and farm yard manure
Provides information on the availability of sulphur from organic materials
N, P2O5 and K2O nutrient content values for manures and slurries have been updated
Nutrient content of digestate has been added
Section three: Grassland and forage crops
N recommendations now based on expected dry matter yield without linking to particular animal production systems (dairy, beef or sheep), milk yield, stocking rate or concentrate use
Whole season nitrogen requirements and application sequences provided separately for cutting and grazing situations
Recommendations for swedes, turnips, rape and kale altered to reflect more grazing in-situ
Section four: Arable crops
Cereal recommendations have been revised and now include an optional adjustment based on expected yield for winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley and winter triticale
Section five: Potatoes
Updated determinacy groups
Recommendation to apply sulphur where the risk of deficiency is high
Section six: Vegetables and bulbs
Recommendations for baby leaf lettuce, wild rocket, coriander and mint have been added
Sweetcorn and leek recommendations have been revised
Information of leaf nutrient analysis has been added
Section seven: Fruit, vines and hops
Guidance on timing of nitrogen applications to blackcurrants and raspberries have been revised
Information on leaf nutrient analysis for substrate grown strawberries has been added