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  • How can I join the BASIS UAS Register?

The register can be joined by qualified pilots or operators (BNUC-S Trained or equivalent) who work, or have the intention to provide, services in the agricultural sector and complete the BASIS Agri Awareness for the UAS Industry qualification.

  • How do I maintain my membership?

-The member must be eligible to carry on the flying and be fully compliant with CAA legislation and other aviation legislation.

-The member must have valid third party insurance for the vehicles used for agricultural surveillance.

-Members must have no disciplinary actions for the past 12 months.

-Members must be able to demonstrate achievement of sufficient skills and professional knowledge by earning no less than the minimum annual CPD points.

  • Once registered, can I access my training record on-line?

Yes. You will need your current email address and Professional Register account number (200…….) to login at http://www.basis-reg.co.uk/member-login  where you see your training record or request a copy of your record. The record will be emailed to you within a minute of your request.

  • What membership categories are available?

There are 2 types of membership categories;

-Associate Membership
-Practitioner Membership

  • How many points will I need to achieve?

Practitioner Members will need to attain 10 CPD points and the Associate Members will have to achieve 5 CPD Points.

  • What is the Associate membership?

Associate membership is designed for people who are interested in the subject - UAV for the agricultural industry, but are not yet at practitioner level.

  • I've recorded more points than I need for the year. Can the surplus be carried forward?

Unfortunately, the scheme does not allow CPD points to be carried forward. The purpose of CPD is to record current training and learning activities, however, account will be taken of fluctuations in CPD activity from one year to the next depending on the individual's record and circumstances.



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