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Pest Controllers


To enable pest controllers to prove to customers that they meet the high standards required, the pest control industry set up the professional pest controllers register, PROMPT.

This is only for those who, having achieved the required level of training and experience, want to show customers, colleagues and employers alike that they are truly professional and progressive pest controllers.

The objective of BASIS PROMPT is to provide an independent industry-recognised register of suitably qualified people who can genuinely claim to be professionals in public health pest control and related activities. To gain this recognition, applicants must prove that they:

  • Have achieved a minimum level of competence as a professional pest controller
  • Have maintained that competence through suitable Continuing Professional Development (CPD); and
  • Operate to the highest professional standards of workmanship and conduct as set out in the BASIS PROMPT Code of Ethics

How do you become BASIS PROMPT registered?

BASIS PROMPT is open to all qualified individuals who sell or provide advice on public health pesticides or who provide a pest control service and are prepared to spend time keeping up-to-date through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Advantages of Membership

Membership is confirmation that a pest controller has attained or is studying to achieve a recognised professional level of training and competence. This is important in two ways – firstly in promoting the business and winning new contracts and secondly on a personal level for career progression and development.

Employers are being encouraged to provide employees with the time to study for professional examinations and to achieve the required number of CPD points. In future, membership of trade associations or industry bodies may be dependent on employing only members of the register.

The success of the register is also helping to establish a better definition of a professional pest controller, which is much needed in the UK.


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