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The British Pest Control Association

The British Pest Control Association is the UK trade association representing professionals involved with the eradication of public health and nuisance pests.

Email: enquiry@bpca.org.uk
Tel: 01332 294288

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National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA)

The National Pest Technicians Association is the UK professional trade association and is open to all those involved either directly or indirectly within the pest control industry.

Email: office@npta.org.uk
Tel: 01949 81133

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Royal Society for Public Health

The Royal Society for Public Health is an independent, multi-disciplinary charity organisation, dedicated to the promotion and protection of collective human health and wellbeing.

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BASIS Registration Ltd

St Monica's House Business Centre
39 Windmill Lane, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1EY
T: 01335 343945/346138
F: 01335 301205
E: help@basis-reg.co.uk

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