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  • An application form is available on-line which must be completed and submitted to the BASIS office.
    This will allow us to process your invoice and assign an auditor to you.

  • A self-audit questionnaire will be forwarded to your nominated person for completion.

    This will cover areas including the qualifications of your operators, where and how you store your pesticide products, aspects of Health & Safety, how you record your risk assessments, transport of pesticides products and how you deal with customer complaints.

    BASIS will provide feedback based on your answers and help you rectify issues in areas which may not be fully compliant with the standard. There will be a time-frame for rectifying faults. Evidence (documentary and photographic) may need to be submitted to BASIS to ensure the actions have been fully rectified.

  • An on-site visit which entails an auditor shadowing one of the operators/technicians on a few calls, may be conducted. The auditor will discuss areas of the assessment with the operator/technician. For example, how the lawn is assessed, how the PPE kit is used and the paperwork carried on the vehicle.

    This visit should reflect the answers previously given in the self– audit questonnaire. 

  • Head Office compliance visit - this is only for franchise or organisational members where the head office co-ordinates the documentation on behalf of its members to be submitted to BASIS.


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