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How long does the application process take?

If a fully completed application form is received, with a photograph, then the process should take no longer than five working days after receipt. Application forms, qualifications and photos can be submitted by either post or email to michele@basisreg.co.uk

Once registered, can I access my training record on-line?

Yes. You will need your current email address and Professional Register account number (200…….) to login on this site, where you can then view and print your training record.

How do I register my CPD points and can somebody else do it for me?

Points should be registered automatically for qualifying events by event organisers, so make sure you always sign the attendance lists or have your Professional Register card scanned. Your points log builds over the year and can be viewed at any time (see question 2) so there is no need to keep your own training and CPD log. However you may want to keep a list so that you can check that all your points have been allocated to you (see question 6).

I haven't got access to a computer or the Internet. Can I still be a member?

Yes. However, in order to maintain or obtain your CPD record, you will need to ring the Professional Register team who will be happy to assist. Most local libraries have Internet services which anyone can use, or maybe your employer can help with access.

How can I find how many points I’ve still got to record?

The annual requirement will vary depending on your qualifications. Once you have accessed your training record (see question 2) this will show your current points achieved and areas where you still need to obtain CPD.

I've recorded more points than I need for the year. Can the surplus be carried forward?

Unfortunately the scheme does not allow CPD points to be carried forward. The purpose of CPD is to record current training and learning activities, however, account will be taken of fluctuations in CPD activity from one year to the next depending on the individual's record and circumstances.

I've not managed to get my points total this year. Will my membership be cancelled?

No. The Professional Register team make every effort to determine reasons for any shortfall. Where there are good reasons these can be taken into account.

Many customers ask me for ID. Can the Professional Register help and what does it mean to the customer?

The Professional Register ID card demonstrates that members have the upto- date knowledge and skills to perform their duties and employers/clients can be assured that a Professional Register member is recognised as being suitably qualified with the relevant knowledge to carry out his/her work in a professional and efficient manner.

I've changed employers. Will my points earned with them be lost?

No. The Professional Register is a register of the individual's CPD activities, retained under the individual's name. Companies may sponsor employees but it is NOT a company scheme.

And finally, how can I get the CPD points I need?

There are many ways to take part in CPD including in-house-training, visiting exhibitions such as Cereals, conferences, trial sites, technical updates, etc. Most manufacturers and distributors have CPD available in a variety of forms, including online and paper tests. To see if something qualifies, just contact the Professional Register team.


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