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About Amenity Assured

Become a recognised and qualified accredited contractor in Amenity pesticide application through Amenity Assured.

Amenity Assured provides annual assessment for Amenity contractors offering professional pesticide services and advice to local authorities, as well as industrial, utility and environmental sectors. Learn about the benefits of joining Amenity Assured below.

The Amenity Assured standard has been developed by key UK organisations which have the responsibility to address the concerns of government, local authorities and many other amenity organisations with regard to amenity weed control.

The aim of the Standard is to:

  • Set standards
  • Audit contractor performance
  • Certificate staff and businesses
  • Award on merit the associated qualifications

Why is Amenity Assured Needed?

The Control of weeds, diseases and plant related pests is an important part of site hygiene, hazard prevention, aesthetics and avoidance of risk. The safe and legally approved application of pesticides and biocides is a key part of integrated, effective and efficient control of these problems. The application of professional products must be carried out by a qualified operator (or by one who is supervised by a qualified person).

In every facet of life there is variability in the quality of performance. To remove that variation in pesticide operation between different operators, and to ensure a consistent standard of performance, with reliability of results, value for money and minimisation of risk, it is important that work is carried out by suitably qualified, audited and approved operators (e.g. Amenity Assured).

The AMENITY ASSURED standard is also endorsed by the Chemicals Regulation Division, the Environment Agency, the Amenity Forum and the Crop Protection Association. Also by the Local Government Association where pesticide application is deemed the most appropriate course of action, for local authority situations.


AMENITY Assured Compliant Contractors 2015

22 September 2015

AMENITY Assured Compliant Contractors 2015


AMENITY Assured Standard - Overview

23 April 2015

AMENITY Assured Standard informational booklet


AMENITY Assured Application Form

23 April 2015

BASIS application for registration for the AMENITY Assured Standard


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