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Latest News

Find out what's new in BASIS and our various schemes, and keep up to date with current industry developments. Or, select a date in the news archive to search through previous articles.

Amenity Forum - Updating Events 2019 - New Dates Released

From February to April, the Amenity Forum are running 14 free Updating Events across the UK. 

Updating Events 2019: Adapting to Change

7th February Shropshire Maxwell Amenity
21st February Cardiff Complete Weed Control
27th February London Parks for London
28th February  Everton FC Rigby Taylor
6th March Greenmount, NI ICL
12th March North Kent Headland Amenity
19th March  Surrey IOG
26th March Lincolnshire Agri-Gem
27th March Durham Complete Weed Control
3rd April  Gloucestershire DLF Seeds
4th April Bracknell Syngenta
10th April Perth, Scotland Scottish Goverment
11th April Buckinghamshire Manor Estates
17th April  York Green-Tech

To book a place at any of the updating events, please email your details to:  

You will then receive a confirmation of your booking via email - any questions you have please call, 01926 650391 or email at the above address

Company director sentenced for sales of illegal chemicals

A company director has been sentenced to 10 months in prison for the online sale of products containing prohibited substances.

Warwick Crown Court heard that a complaint was raised in August 2014 that Abel (UK) Ltd was selling a plant protection product containing Sodium Chlorate, a prohibited substance.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also found the company was selling paint stripper containing dichloromethane (DCM), which is restricted under Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

The company also failed to check at the point of sale the paint stripper containing DCM was either being sold for use in industrial installations or, after October 2016, to appropriately certificated professionals, which is a condition of sale.

To read more click here 

BASIS launches new Lawn Assured Standard

Independent standard setting and auditing organisation, BASIS, has launched a new standard aimed at the professional domestic lawn care sector. The Lawn Assured Standard will help to ensure a consistent and high standard of practice in the professional lawn care sector. 

Lindsay Smith Boam, BASIS logistics manager, explains that all individuals applying pesticides are expected to work sustainably, effectively and efficiently, in order to protect themselves, the general public and the environment.  

“The new voluntary standard has been launched in response to industry demand, and aims to help domestic lawn care contractors demonstrate that they’re operating in a responsible manner to both the public and the regulatory authorities,” she says. 

“The benchmarking standard will also help remove any variability across the sector, ensuring a consistent level of performance, as well as improving business credentials,” adds Lindsay.

“BASIS is encouraging, professionals to use the accreditation to prove and promote the quality and value of service to new and current customers.”

To become certified as a Lawn Assured, an organisation or company is expected to complete a self-audit, which covers key areas related to training and certification as well as health and safety regulations, and documentation, such as risk assessments. 

Following completion, an on-site audit is required to verify the documentation and check compliance, and that the operator is working in a professional manner, in line with best practice. 

Lindsay explains that although BASIS is not an enforcement body, the organisation aims to help companies to meet legal, regulatory and best practice standards. “Our assessment team is highly experienced and can advise and assist as part of the independent site-visit.”

To register for the new standard, or find out more please contact the BASIS office on 01335 343945 or visit the website at www.basis-reg.co.uk .

New online portal for point-of-sale rodenticide audits

BASIS and CRRU UK are now inviting suppliers of professional use rodenticides to register their depots for the new UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime Point-of-Sale audit process.

The BASIS Stores Inspection Scheme, which already uses independent assessors to ensure compliance with regulations for the storage and distribution of professional pesticides, is set to be extended by the two organisations.

Lindsay Smith-Boam, Logistics Manager at BASIS, says the creation of an audit process specifically for rodenticides will be significant in ensuring the success of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime.

“Applying controls at the point of sale, such as checking distribution staff are aware of the regulations and best practice requirements, is an important part of stewardship,” she said.

“For distributors already operating within the long-established Stores Inspection Scheme, the fact it will now cover rodenticides too should be seen as good news.
“It will provide further evidence that the entire supply chain is controlling availability of these products, as a result enabling continued access to them without further restriction.

“Those who have not been involved with BASIS before can rest assured that our experience will help their business meet stewardship requirements.”

So, storekeepers from all supply routes (trade and retail, in-store and online) are being reminded that they must complete an online registration by 31 December 2017, in order to continue to sell professional use rodenticides.

To register your store, please visit http://basis-audit.co.uk/ .

Rupert Broome, CRRU UK Point of Sale Work Group leader, says: “Any company or outlet selling professional use rodenticides must have passed a BASIS Point of Sale audit for rodenticide stewardship compliance by November 30, 2018.

“This is a planned progression from proof of competence checks on rodenticide purchasers, which were rolled out in October 2016.”

CRRU UK and BASIS will advise the supply chain of the precise audit process, and the requirements that have to be met, during July to December this year.

Failure to comply with any aspect of the stewardship regime may lead to the company concerned being reported to HSE, Trading Standards and any other relevant body. 
It may also lead to cancellation of the authorisation for sale of the product concerned.

Roll Out For New Environmental Risk Assessment

Over the last two seasons, many BASIS distributor companies have trialled or been introduced to a new joint initiative from BASIS and the Environment Agency.
This new, risk based approach via a proforma document, has now been accepted by the Environment Agency and is to be rolled out throughout all BASIS stores over this season becoming a compliance issue in 2018.

The Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) is to be completed by the qualified NSK at all registered sites and will mean that the EA will no longer visit your site every 5 years to re-approve it.  Initial inspections and approvals for new or altered sites will continue to be done by the EA to establish site sensitivity, check pollution prevention measures and ensure all drainage and site plans are complete.

A current Emergency Contingency Plan will also be needed along with the ERA to ensure compliance.  These documents will not need to be sent to the EA but will be checked and held by BASIS.

Completion of the ERA will help identify whether the storekeeper needs further Environment Agency advice and guidance or a re-inspection and where action could be taken to reduce environmental risk. 

Please note, the Environment Agency may still choose to visit your store irrespective of the outcome of your risk assessment, if they think it necessary.

For more information please speak to your Assessor during your annual audit or contact the Logistics department stores@basis-reg.co.uk

Legislation and industry updates for BASIS Store Assessors at annual training

The BASIS Store Assessment Team recently held their annual two day training meeting.  The event focussed primarily on legislation and updates to best practice, but also included speakers from industry.

Dr Matt Davies from CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) updated the team on the role of CRRU and the stewardship of Second Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides.  Danny Hayward from JSD Rail gave an outline of vegetation control on the railways and the operation of the spray trains.  Mark De’ath from Headland detailed the challenges faced by chemical manufacturers and Hazel Doonan spoke about the working relationship between BASIS and AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation).

The Assessment team were given an informative talk followed by a question and answer session by Paul Adamson, Tracey Ware and Martin Ball from HSE CRD who clarified many areas around the PPP (Plant Protection Products) Regulations and the issued guidance.

More information about the BASIS Store Inspection Scheme is available on the BASIS website

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