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BASIS Registration Ltd offer a wide range of training courses of relevance to the Precision Farming Industry

Agri Awareness for the UAS Industry


For further information on duration please see the Training Syllabus and contact your Trainer.

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This course is an introduction to basic aspects of the agricultural sector and is designed for professional operators of Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). 

The BASIS Agricultural Awareness for the UAS Industry module is a stand-alone course providing candidates with a level of understanding and knowledge appropriate for their work in the agricultural industry. 

This course can also be completed by professionals who have occupations related to UAS operators (machinery manufacturer personnel; employees of sensors manufacturer and distributors; etc.) This qualification is essential to those who intend to join The BASIS® Professional Register for UAS Operators for the Agricultural Industry.

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Candidates will be able to: 

  • understand the data protection legislation important to the crops scouting by UAS; 
  • explain the way to comply with data protection legislation in the UK; 
  • list the aspects to consider when performing the safety assessments; 
  • understand the importance of biosecurity principles; 
  • understand and be able to apply the professional code of conduct.

Course contents

  • Farming, Farm Practices and Agricultural Supply Chain 
  • Crops and Crop Management 
  • Legislation (Agricultural Legislation, Data Protection, Health & Safety)

The BASIS Agri Awareness course for Drone operators can also be found on Harper Adams University website via the following link: http://harper.ac.uk/AgriUAS

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